Early Neurological Stimulation

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Early Neurological Stimulation, or ENS, is a program that is used in a way to help build better dogs. It was originally developed by the US military and was called Bio Sensor before it became known as the Super Dog program. This program added early neurological stimulation into the everyday lives of newborn and young puppies.

Studies have found that this early stimulation helped shape the puppies into being better dogs. The program starts on day 3 of the puppy’s life and goes until day 16, which is when new stimulation is added to the program. Through the use of these programs, researchers found that there were many benefits. These are:

  • Increased cardio vascular performance
  • Greater tolerance to stress
  • Higher activity level in puppies
  • Stronger heart beats
  • Greater resistance to disease
  • More inquisitive puppies
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • More even temperaments
  • Higher learning capacity
  • Stronger adrenal glands

At Hazelwood Kennels, we use the Early Neurological Stimulation program with our puppies as well as follow the social development stages of puppies to provide owners with a well socialized puppy.

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