About Lexington Kennels

aboutpageLocated in Southwestern Ontario near London, Ontario, Lexington Kennels is a small kennel that strives to produce Neapolitan Mastiffs that are sound in health and temperament.
While I love my Neapolitan Mastiffs, I try to maintain my belief that big isn’t always best, specifically in regards to kennels. I keep only a few dogs in my kennel and all of them are in my home and not outside or in a separate kennel or crate. This gives me the opportunity to enjoy my dogs as they should be enjoyed, as companions.

Puppies are raised in my home and are socialized to children, other dogs, cats and an assortment of other experiences to provide you with a well-rounded puppy that is true to the breed temperament. All of my Neos have amazing temperaments that are gentle, loving and playful but Neapolitans are a serious dog, a strong breed with strong intellect and instincts.They are protective and loyal, and love nothing more than to be with you, play with you or just cuddle. Neapolitan Mastiffs are amazing dogs that fit into most lifestyles. They are athletic while still being very calm. They are excellent family pets.